Cliffside Park School 4
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Diamabrush™ Hardwood Flooring Tool Cliffside Park NJ
The Cliffside Park School 4 in Cliffside Park, NJ has multiple rooms with wood floors that are over 100 years old.  Over those 100 years, there were multiple layers of polyurethane on the wood floor.  The layers were very difficult to remove for contractors – taking a long time to sand off the existing coating.  The school hired a hardwood flooring contractor to do 1 room.  The refinishing process for 1 room was very expensive for the school and time consuming for the contractor.  The sandpaper repeatedly loaded up and clogged leaving marginal results and taking countless hours to complete.  The Cliffside Park School found out about the Diamabrush Hardwood Tool through Sherwin Williams Paint Company.  A Diamabrush technician demonstrated the Diamabrush Hardwood Flooring tool for the school.  Impressed by how effectively and quickly the tool was able to remove the coatings on the floor, the school decided to do the project themselves with their own in-house maintenance team.  The Diamabrush Hardwood tool saved the school thousands of dollars hiring a contractor to remove the layers of old polyurethane.  In addition, the next room completed, was completed 5X’s faster than the first room that was done with sandpaper.
Diamabrush has recently expanded its line of floor preparation and coating removal tools to include the Diamabrush Hand Tools. Available in 4.5” and 7” sizes, the Diamabrush Hand Tools are ideal for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers that require fast, effective removal of flexible, hard-to-remove coatings such as mastics, glues, adhesives, thin-set mortar, and epoxies. Designed to fit most industry standard angle grinders, the Diamabrush Hand Tools will enable end-users to remove coatings up to 80% faster than competitive abrasive products, translating into significant cost savings and freeing up valuable time. See page 141 and back inner cover.